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Fakeeh Home Healthcare Services, an entity of Fakeeh International operations, provides services to those patients who may need medical care at home.

Amongst its competitors, Fakeeh is the fastest growing company which has been improving its services daily through the endorsement of Fakeeh.Care entities.

Established in 2012, committed to ensure patient care and safety at home by acquiring the Ministry of Health accreditation, which is an achievement.

Always thriving for a continuous performance-improvement journey, Fakeeh Home Health has acquired the international accreditation of the Joint Commission International on 2017.
By this accreditation Fakeeh became the First Home Healthcare institute achieves this accreditation in KSA .

Dedicated to providing a range of healthcare and support services to patients with acute, chronic, palliative or medical needs; Fakeeh Home Healthcare acknowledges their right for special medical facilities to care for them and prevent any ailments that may affect them.

Fakeeh Home Healthcare Services provides highly skilled healthcare professionals to manage every aspect of the patient’s health-related needs.

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  Al Hamra District , Jeddah , Saudia arabia.  +966593258947  FHHC@FAKEEH.CARE

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